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Sexual Dynamite Heroine 23 Battle of Death -International Crime Agent

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Meifa is an excellent investigator of KICKS, (International Crime Control Organization). She visits Hon-Hai country to chases a wanted person Sword. In the country, local police has a connection with mafia. They try to murder Sword and Meifa because Sword has an evidence of their corruption case and Meifa almost know the details of the case. Meifa is caught in a trap and violently tortured by Chin So Toku, Boss of mafia and Izabella Kirishima, a corrupt police, but Meifa manages to defeat them. However, Chin employs Killer Jean Paul Suzuki, ex-professional wrestler, to attacks Meifa. What is going to happen to Meifa?

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  1. Rikokiori Watamika

    I like it

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