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Orlean, female cadre of evil organization “Ego,” and her subordinate Female Monster Serval appear and defeats Justice Mask just before Justice Mask beats female cadre Falnaye who was a Orlean’s rival. Orlean captures her old enemy Justice Mask and saves Falnaye’s crisis. Falnaye has to fight with a gigantic combatant on a charge of escape. Orlean sits back and enjoy watching it. However Falnaye sees a secret meeting between Orlean and Justice Mask. Orlean is suspected of support escape of Justice and imposed the worst punishment Esme Guardian. Orlean gets beaten up by combatants and then she is saved by her subordinate Serval. They escape from crisis but are chased as traitors. The only way for Orlean to show her innocence is to defeat Justice Mask and dedicate his head to generalissimo.


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