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Serena works in Japan as SP for training to be a leader of the guards at Amazonian Kingdom. When accident is happened, she transforms into Glamourous Angel to battle with evils. When she guards Mio, queen of Grandine Kingdom as SP, monster Zeon and his subordinates appear. Serena notices that Zeon’s target is not Mio but myself. So, Serena let Mio leave and transforms into Glamourous Angel to fight with monsters. However, Zeon takes Mio as a hostage. Serena is also captured by Zeon. She is demanded the location of Amazonian Kingdom but she is endure their torture. At the moment, Mio appears in front of Serena as her real character evil witch. Moreover, Giant female soldier Glamourous Titan who has banished from Amazonian Kingdom appears as a third tormentor before Serena. Is Glamourous Angel able to get out of crisis and fights back to them?

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  1. Leon

    Yaaass girl.. ❤

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