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Exciting Heroine Beautiful Fighter Sailor Hermes in Grave Danger [Rated-15]

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A beautiful high school girl is standing by the water. She is intelligent, elegant and has a secret to hide. She is Sailor Hermes, a girl fighter and guardian of goddess. Sailor Hermes once admired and adored a beautiful youth Masked Armani, but his soul was overtaken by the devil and is now an evil warrior manipulated by the devil’s dark forces, As if to erase her past memories, Sailor Hermes vows to fight until the day when she gets back her goddess’ secret treasure that was stolen. She battles with her choice of weapons: Sailor Costume, the goddess’ armor; Sailor Arrow, the goddess’ archery; Sailor Crystal on her breast that gives her the goddess’ awesome powers in fighting, and most of all, the tremendous willpower that gets her through every challenging situation. However, when Masked Armani, using the demon beast, attacks her with an evil power that has grown stronger than before, Sailor Hermes realizes this is going to be a really tough fight. The demon beast’s tentacles squeeze Hermes’ body, sucking out her goddess’ energy. Hermes gets beaten up and passes out in the end…. She is brought to the lair of the devil and is tortured. She suffers even more when her Sailor Crystal in the breast is burned by the devil’s flame. Finally she is deprived of the most precious thing as warrior of love, and her beautiful body will be on display eternally in the devil’s hideout. The hollow cry of her smashed love echoes around the throne of the devil today…. [BAD END]


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