CGAD-21 (Special Bonus Behind The Scenes)

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Super Sexy Heroine Spiritual Battler Ybsass

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YBSASS is a security organization that protects women from diverse crimes in the 22nd century.It is also the name of the special fabric,that is put on a human being’s skin,captures DNA from sweat and changes it to armor.Mao inherits the organization from her father who passed away.Her boss,Saki, is a rock star at the institute.An incident happens on the day they holds a show for the newly created YBSASS. When Saki shows YBSASS under the spotlight for the audience, she loses her mind.It is shy Mao who is told to get the situation under control.Male staff who previously like Saki are on Mao’s side now.Being jealous,Saki attacks Mao by taking advantage of the weak point of EBSASS. While the male staff watch Mao’s costume melt down by special poison. Sadistic Saki attacks Mao persistently!The Big Boss behind the scene is Honma,the head of Security.Sasara,The head of the organization is no help,falling into a trap.The fates of 4 people are connected by EBSASS.Time is ticking away and the costume is dissapearing!


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